Push the standard rules


Whether on assignment or for personal work, every few months I’ll experiment with the camera and push the standard rules of exposure or focus. It helps make better work in the future and find what works to use later. These images explore color and mood with the use of light.

A new generation of Women in the workforce

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

I always notice the prominence of women and their strength when making images for a company. Especially in new companies I see a new generation of women who are more fierce and, in general, killing it. I try to show this when making pictures of them. I see their confidence and it’s more accepted for women to lead. It’s a win win for everyone because its becoming the new norm!

Sailing on the Tagus

Sailing on the Tagus River was a highlight in Portugal. The Ponte 25 de Abril was the first version of the Golden gate bridge which was made after and the major difference is there is a train track on the lower lever that spans across from Lisbon to Almada. The river had a quick current and at sunset the entire city lit up.

Lisboa, Portugal


5 men - Lisboa, Portugal.

As I return from a month in Spain and Portugal, I am reviewing some of the images made. Walking around the city of Lisbon, where roads are never straight and every turn leads to another place, there are moments that are often remembered which are usually fleeting and undocumented. In this case, I’m glad I had my camera with me. One of them basically gave me the ok to make this picture as we walked by with his smile and a nod, now this instance becomes an illustration of a timeless moment.

Cleveland Public Library

Former Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. , 2019

Former Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. , 2019

Throughout 2019 Cleveland Print Room is partnering with the library and NPR, to share the diversity of everyday life in Cleveland through photographs and stories.

I’m excited to share that I’ll be part of a group of photographers who are photographing the current landscape of the city of cleveland for their upcoming 150th yr anniversary, their permanent collection, and show. This one was made on the 4x5 earlier this year in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. Before this site became lakeside apartments, it was home to the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. during the first half of the 20th century.